SUBCOAL® SOLVES THE MISSING LINK satisfy the growing need for waste to be reused and the increasing demand for sustainable alternative fuels.




Subcoal® is a concept which provides solutions to create a high grade pelletised alternative fuel based upon various non-recyclable waste streams. Read more...

Waste solutions

The concept offers a solution for the complete value chain. This typically starts at the residual waste materials coming from refuse sorting plants, mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants, industrial processes, etc. The propriety Subcoal® technology is utilised together with 25 years of experience in producing alternative fuels to ensure a good and stable product quality. The pellets produced by the patented process are sold to various industrial processes which utilise the material as an alternative to their traditional fossil fuels. Read more...


The ethos of the Subcoal® process is to convert waste materials into a high grade alternative fuel. Our technology offers a very stable quality fuel, independent of seasonal influences due to the inbuilt drying process. Due to it's physical features, the dust free and odourless pellets are very easy to handle. In addition the relative high bulk density of Subcoal® when compared to more traditional "fluffy" alternative fuels gives the added benefit of cheaper logistics costs. Read more on various applications using Subcoal®.



Proven technology which will give you the highest quality alternative fuels, ensuring maximum value for your waste and maximum value for your application.


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