Subcoal® solves the missing link for the growing need for waste to be reused and the increasing demand for sustainable alternative fuels in energy intensive industries.

Waste as an energy source

Imagine “waste” as an energy source, not in a dedicated installation which is built to burn waste and generate energy, but in existing industrial installations. Imagine that “waste” can be used to substitute fossil fuels to produce the necessary heat to produce products such as cement and lime or steel. Our concept focusses on the high quality “waste from waste”, in many countries waste is collected and sorted to take out as many recyclables as possible. After this sorting process however, there is still a large portion of “reject” available which has no “value” other than being dumped into a landfill.

Our Subcoal® concept makes it possible to upgrade this waste from waste to an energy pellet. This energy pellet is then used to substitute fossil fuels so it can contribute on a more environmental friendly way of generating heat, with over 50% biomass which contributes in reducing CO2 emissions.

Waste to energy plants also utilise “waste from waste”, however Subcoal® focuses on the high energy “waste from waste” where typically waste to energy plants focus on the lower energy waste streams. This means that both Subcoal® and waste to energy facilities can perfectly work together in optimising feedstocks for both applications.



Our Subcoal® concept makes it possible to upgrade waste to an energy pellet which can then be used to substitute fossil fuels.

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