Waste Solutions


Subcoal® nor N+P sells equipment to make pellets or to produce fuel. However, Subcoal® combines the best available technologies in the world to ensure the production of the right quality fuel for its applications. For every individual project, different machinery and configurations apply. Subcoal® has many logistic and handling advantages compared to traditional alternative fuels, read more about this here.

There are many different possibilities for collaboration, from supplying one of our plants to building a plant together to take a license to integrate our technology in an existing plant.

Subcoal-owned facilities

Our production plants currently operate in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (startup expected Q1 2018). These plants are owned and operated by Subcoal® and N+P and could be supplied with various types of input materials. Contact us for more information.


Subcoal® is actively developing new sites and we are open to collaborations to start completely new plants in various regions in the world. Depending on the region we can offer to co-invest in a new plant but it is also possible that a standalone facility is constructed with a license agreement, and the produced Subcoal® will be sold to the various industrial applications in our network. It goes without saying that our team of experts will assist you to the level which you require. Contact our team to discuss opportunities.

Converting existing plants

There are many existing installations in the world which already produce an alternative fuel based upon non-recyclable waste fractions. For these plants it might be of interest to integrate the Subcoal® production technology to allow your plant to also produce Subcoal®. By integrating the Subcoal® technology the existing plant is able to quickly start producing Subcoal® to the highest quality standard. in addition, our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right input materials and they will also assist in tuning the existing plant to increase the output quality. Finally the produced Subcoal® pellets could be sold within the existing network of industrial applications.

The concept can be sold on a license basis, this means that control of the installation and its equipment will stay with the license holder. Contact us for more information.

Waste Solutions


- Supply Subcoal® plant

- Develop new plant

- Convert existing plant

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