Alternative Fuel

Subcoal® is a concept which provides solutions to create a high grade alternative fuel based upon various non-recyclable commercial and industrial waste streams. Subcoal® is also a trademark which stands for a high quality alternative fuel. This high grade alternative fuel is utilised in many industrial applications as a substitute for solid fossil fuels like coal or lignite. With over 50% biomass, Subcoal® contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and increases the overall environmental footprint of its users.

Missing link

The Subcoal® concept acts as a connection element between the growing need for waste to be utilized to the fullest and the rapid increasing demand for sustainable alternative energy sources. The waste which is used normally ends up in landfills, however, by adopting the Subcoal® concept this waste is utilized to the fullest and contributes to a cleaner enviroment.

N+P Group

Subcoal® is owned and marketed via the Dutch based N+P Group. The group has over 25 years of experience in the production and supply of high grade alternative fuels and is marketed all over the world. There are many ways to get involved in the Subcoal® concept or the usage of Subcoal®, contact us for more information.



Subcoal® is produced on specification of it's end user. This allows certain processes to substitute up to 100% of their fossil fuels, not only saving on CO2 emissions but also on fuel costs!

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