As previously mentioned Subcoal® is used in a number of energy intensive processes to substitute fossil fuels such as coal, petcoke or lignite.

The advantages seen by energy intensive industries in using Subcoal are as follows:

  • Trace polluting metals are controlled in Subcoal production. This level of control is not seen when using conventional fuels. This, therefore , results in improved emissions.
  • Subcoal has over 50% biomass so assists in the management of CO2 emissions.
  • Subcoal also offers a very competitive energy price when compared to traditional fuels.

N+P would be happy to support industries in the use of Subcoal and would be happy to support new industries in considering the use of this groundbreaking alternative fuel.

New developments

Subcoal® and many other alternative fuels have first been trialled and tested in the cement industry. However there are many other applications or possibilities to use alternative fuel. Development is very important for our company and we therefor invite you to contact us to discuss possibilities which we haven’t thought of just yet!

> Cement Industry

> Coal fired power stations

> Lime kilns

> Co-milling



Our team of specialist has gathered experience in many different applications – from substitution of tyre chips to very fine grinding to achieve 100% substitution on a cement kiln. 

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