One of the unique features of Subcoal® is its ability to be co-milled together with coal or petcoke. This feature of Subcoal has been backed up by laboratory R&D and full scale industrial applications.

Subcoal® has been milled on various industrial mills and extensive research into this subject has been carried out with a number of partners. Subcoal® has proven that it can be milled on various vertical mills with no issues regarding fouling or CO generation being exhibited in the milling system. The milled product is very fine and with the combustion on every application proving to be highly efficient.

Our team of specialist can assist in setting up a co-milling project and share experiences from the field. Also industrial partners are willing to assist in milling Subcoal® on their mills. Up to 30% co-milling has been achieved with the prediction that higher co-milling rates can be achieved.

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Co-milling results

Up to 30% co-milling has been achieved in various trials and up to 15% co-milling and thus fossil fuel substitution is typically achieved on industrial applications within the first few days of testing.


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