Application Development

N+P’s main activity is to develop new applications for the usage of Subcoal® by substituting various fossil fuels such as bituminous coal, lignite or petcoke. In addition to the development of applications, N+P also focusses on optimizing the production process of Subcoal® by using various new state of the art technologies, which can be implemented in the production facilities.

For a new potential user of Subcoal® typically the following stages apply:

  1. Discussions about the experience of the usage of Subcoal® in comparable applications. Our team consist of highly experienced specialists who have been involved with hundreds of sites over the world. The combined experience is shared with potential clients to make sure the optimal options are considered. To trial Subcoal®, a small tonnage can be delivered to the consumer from one of the existing production sites. Because in many cases this is a costly endeavor, (depending on each individual situation) Subcoal International is willing to compensate part of these development costs. This financial support to the development by N+P is conditional on N+P personnel being able to attend the process during the trial and to gather data related to the combustion of Subcoal.
  2. A trial is only carried out if there is commercial basis for supply from a plant which is able to supply or in development to supply tonnages for the future.
  3. Following completion of a successful trial N+P will look to develop a production facility close to the consumer. Ideally, N+P would look for partners to develop such a facility through joint ventures or a licensing/franchising approach.

The above is subjected to change and regional differences may apply.

Contact our team for more information.

Application Development

Key to success is collaboration

We are always interested to jointly develop new possibilities together with end users, but also with universities or other industrial partners. Via this route many new applications in different countries have been developed.

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